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Project Navdrushti ( Free Corneal transplant)

Admin | 07 Apr 2021Total Views : 921
Project Navdrushti  ( Free Corneal transplant)

In India, corneal conditions are the most common cause (37.5%) of blindness in 0 to 49-year olds and the second most common cause (7.4%) in >50-year olds.
Majority population is unaware about possible treatments to replace corneas, or choose to neglect fearing high costs.
The lack of eye banks and no awareness on eye donations also aids to low number of surgeries performed which compels India to import corneas from neighboring countries.

With our in-house eye bank functioning since 2012, the Nandadeep Medical Care Foundation since has collected 320+ eye donations aiding in performing more than 250 Eye Implant Surgeries and 246 keratoplasty surgeries till date.